April 12th, 2011
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Dearest Darling friends,
Inspired by his mother who made him believe he was meant to be a ‘King’, Shivaji, at the age of 15, with some of his friends, had taken the oath of Swarajya, in a temple. Accordingly, they set about their work. There was lack of resources. Yet, they succeeded in capturing the forts in and around Pune, one by one. More and more people started believing in the dream of Swarajya that Shivaji had seen. As they saw his valiant efforts and inspiring results, they started joining him and helping him. Shivaji was accomplishing one mission after another with speed.

Sometimes it was a fort that had to be captured. Sometimes it was money to be raised. Sometimes it was a planed and carefully executed attack on the Mughals. Village after village, stories about him started dominating conversations. People started naming their children, Shivaji! A stage was reached when Shivaji had 60 Forts under him.

Aurangzeb,the mughal ruler at that time, understood the danger from Shivaji, and sent his uncle Shaistekhan to kill him. A deadly blow in near darkness, from one of Shivaji’s sword, Shaistekhan lost his thumb and two fingers and was eventually rendered unconscious. After the failure of his uncle, Shaistekhan, Aurangzeb sent his best person, Mirza Raje Jaisingh, with a large army, to conquer Shivaji. Mirza Raje Jaisingh, performed the task given to him to perfection, and finally, Shivaji, to save his men from being killed, accepted defeat, and offered to compromise.

In the treaty that followed, Shivaji, had to give away 48 of his Forts. He was left with only 12 forts, of which, only 2 were of strategic importance. Then followed a very challenging period in Shivaji’s life. He was captured by the mughals, prisoned, condemned to death. When everyone had given up, Shivaji executed a daring plan which culminated in his escape from the jaws of death in the prison, in Agra.

The period of Shivaji’s life, after retuning from Agra, is very interesting. He did not burn with revenge. He did not attack the mughals. He did not start expanding immediately.

He contemplated on the mistakes he had done earlier, and started to rectify them. He made his defences strong. Farmers were taken into confidence, their difficulties understood and taxation reforms followed. The percentage of crop they had to give to the king as tax was fixed. The policy to help the farmers during famine was determined.

The village monarchy tradition was abolished, and many more such systems were set. In fact, the letters that Shivaji had written at that time to his administrators are by themselves,a study in top class management.

Having made the base strong, having recreated the bonding with people, having won their total confidence, Shivaji, after a period of two years, started to expand. This, he continued even after his Coronation. By the time Aurangzeb, himself, led his army to Maharashtra, Shivaji, had a total of 200 Forts under him, which spread from Gujrat to Karnataka.

My friend Rajesh Shetty, had sent this wonderful little write up on Shivaji when I was going through a tough period of my life. I was inspired by Shivaji and also by the intention + efforts of Rajesh Shetty. It taught me how to guide without guiding. It taught me courage, it taught me strategy, it taught me to dream bigger than ever before. It taught me many more things, but, my intention of sharing this story with you is different.

They say, the beach is a beach. However, to different people it means different things. To a balloon seller, it is a business opportunity, to a police constable it is duty. To a lover, this place is a blessing, to a painter it represents an opportunity. All of them are right.

My dearest darling LSM readers, what did you learn from this brief write up on Shivaji. What did this article mean to you? Did it touch you somewhere deep within? Did it transform you?

The best three responses get a special gift of ‘thank you’ from us.

So, happy reading and happy writing….Keep moving!

With love, prayers and best wishes,


As I live…I learn

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  • sachin rane

    thanks Naren for this short brif story of King Shivaji help me too learned one lesson, under stand mistaks done in life rectify them,to get good,easy & long lasting success in my life in my all relations & in my Business i need strong Base of +efforts & blessing of all my love ones

    thanks love you sachin & sandhya

    • Naren

      Dearest Sachin,
      Love you. It is great to meet you in cyber space.
      Thanks for you comments. All the best in implementations.
      Wishing you all, all the best.
      With loads of love,

  • nehi

    Extremely profound and powerful. I would never imagine – the person who I derive a lot of strength and inspiration from, would be facing a turbulent time. So Naren, thats what makes us sailing in similar boats. However the big difference that sets you and a lot of us apart is the strength that you derive internally and from people and experiences as well as the outlook that you strongly possess. A lot of us no doubt emerge stronger after tough & challenging experiences – however one thing that I always learnt from you was to walk with pride, love and an endearing smile whatever weather it may be. It requires SIGNIFICANT amount of inner belief, peace and belief in experiences that we live to learn. As I have read a lot of inspiring stories – I only come to thank the almighty, friends and confidantes like you as well as myself : ” I have lived another fulfilling day, Look forward to tomorrow.”
    As my daughter says, ” Mama, I had a lovely day today, and am waiting for tomorrow.”
    Thank you NAren once again for the beautiful, powerful story.
    God bless and Love you,


    • Naren

      Dearest Nehi,
      You are a sweet heart. I remember you always with fondness. I still cherish the letter that you gave to me. I am confident you too possess the internal strength you mention. I am sure you will excel as a mother.
      Nehi I truly believe you are better than you believe.
      May you see yourself from my eyes and in testing times notice the difference.
      You are a blessing to us…
      With loads of love,

  • kothariamit21

    I think it is a terrific story. I immediately felt inspired as I was reading the story. I am time after time amazed to hear about this man – Shivaji!

    More importantly, it taught me that even if I don’t have someone to guide me, I must use my intelligence and guide myself. I need not be dependent on people’s opinion to take a decision!

    Also, I like the way Shivaji took into consideration all the farmers etc. whom he knew would be of help to him! It teaches me that I shouldn’t go out randomly and start doing things. The first thing I must do is – I must get my back support strong and then go all out! It just increases my chances of success!

    It was a lovely story .. I am actually inspired to read more about Shivaji ….

  • LSM Readers

    Hi Naren

    In my history of studies I never read to understand History subject with such curiosity and it is very interesting to read and understand this topic.

    “The period of Shivaji’s life, after retuning from Agra, is very interesting.
    1.He did not burn with revenge.
    2.He did not attack the mughals.
    3.He did not start expanding immediately.”
    These three lines changed my view, how to react in crucial situation or after wards. Not only in difficult situation but for winning also it will work. It realizes what my focus should be and what is my next plan and which is the best time to work on it. I should not panic but I should not sit idle. I should also learn to compromise sometime. To create force I should learn to take one step behind.
    I must have belief that if it is not happening as per my plan he must have some better plan.
    It taught me to see from others perspective.
    It taught me how to understand something better from others experience.
    I am wishing to win special gift of your ” Cell no.” instead of “thank you” whenever you wish.

    Love you and thank you


  • LSM Readers

    Hi Naren ,
    This is your Friendly Astral Neighborhood Jitendra ,
    Thank you for presenting an opportunity for a feedback.
    The write up from your friend on Shivaji applies a deep insight to a very strong lesson of what one can do when situations get tougher .When the messenger of Misery, Ill fate or lack of strength and resources decides to visit you.
    What Shivaji Raje did was to change the cause and thereby change the effect. Most of us, when we go through troubled times , try very hard to change the effect and try to force the effect towards what our Desire is . In the trade a lot of energy, emotions, feelings and finances get ruined . We instill fear in our self -which makes our inner conscious in fact feed more power to the Unwanted Results.
    Conventionally a normal person would have gotten back after the defeat at the hands of the Mughals and tried very hard to Change the Effect- Sharpen Weapons and Artillery and put emphasis on Revenge and would have made a huge plan to make a strong attack . The Money for this would have been forced with Harsh Taxation and King Force on the people . There would be all kinds of law enforcement with the quest to seek revenge.
    Shivaji Raje , first decided to change himself , his own approach thereby Changing the Cause . He did this and gathered Strength ,Confidence and Energy . In short he changed the Cause .Since his new cause was for the welfare of everybody ,life’s energy ( Divine Energy ) was always with him. All his people did their best and Shivaji Raje could regain glory . Change the Cause and Change the Desired Effect

    With Love and Regards and a Special thanks for your friend who sent this write up as a Divine Intervention for you in your tough tmes .

    Jitendra Date

  • LSM Readers

    Dear Narenji,

    This week’s Article was just fabulous..!!

    I have a Big Fort to win in the coming days that is I have to Conquer the “C.A.” Final May 2011. If I do that, it would be a dream come true and Mission Accomplished of becoming “Chartered .Accountant”!!!

    The Article indeed meant a lot to me.! Its 15 days to go for my Exams and the article will indeed set the momentum to consolidate the vast syllabus and give the exams in right spirit.!

    Thanks a Lot..!!
    Keep Inspiring.!

    Pratik Neve.

  • LSM Readers

    dont believe in taking revenge…
    rectify your mistakes and see to it dat u don’t do d same mistakes again….
    and most importantly believe in yourself….:)

    chanchal jetha

  • LSM Readers

    dear sir,
    your small write up about shivaji is certainly very inspiring.I am a branch manager of a very sucessful branch of L.I.C
    last year our branch had done a whooping target of 63 crores and this year our target was 80 the year proceeded we thought that 80 crores was a easy task but to our dissapointment we could just cross last years figure by a meagre 1 crore.

    I now realise that there wasnt much change in strategies of last year and this year . Expect for a fact that people were not taken into confidence .we thought what we did last year could be acchieved this year also. but we were wrong.evry time requires changeof stategies according to changing scenario .

    the write up about shivaji taught me this .we must never give up after failures.every failure shows that something is lacking somewhere .we must try to remove that lacuna and try again .

    thanks again .do keep sharing.
    purva ranade
    branch manager

  • LSM Readers

    Dear Naren,

    This article on Shivaji inspires me and make me think about my Life.

    Sometime in Life, when things are not going our way immediately the
    blame game approach comes to surface and in the process we make life
    of our loved ones more difficult along with us.

    I think when we are surrounded my right people arround they guide us
    to become better and even inspire us by great deeds of people like
    Shivaji,Mahtma Gandhi.Mother Terrasa.

    Attitude that Shivaji Carried (I think Jijamata parented Shivaji and
    imbibed the importance of a pupose inhis younger age made a great
    differance) when ever we look at Shivaji, looking at him feels us with
    courage and grace.It never shows aggression,hurt revenge.

    Thankyou once again



  • LSM Readers

    Dear Naren,
    It was great to Read about such an Iconic Figure after a Long Time.

    On Going through the write up on “Shivaji” I have realised the Following Things:-

    If One has a Dream to Live then you can Surely Achieve your Dream but to achieve them you need to have Faith in your Self, Courage, Skills to Lead from the Front, Agression, but agression alone without the Quality of Defensive Nature is not Right. One has to have a quality of Attacking and when the Time is there to defend then one has to Bend down but that does not mean Failure.One has to have the Courage of Learning from the Mistakes.
    The Story Teaches us to have Faith in your self even after Defeat to Continue to Live and Achieve the Dream that you have. It Teaches us to Rise up much more stronger even after One has faced Failure in Life. If one has the attitude of Learning from the Mistakes he has made and has the Skill to make Changes accordingly then I guess Making Mistake and have been Failed in something can only Mean An Oppurtunity to Learn from it and Improvise.

    Thank You Naren for Making me Think.

    Warm Regards
    Neerav Shah

  • LSM Readers

    Happy evening you so much.

    Naren,Shivaji has always been a topic which is near my heart.I have grown up listening and reading innumerable stories about his valour,kindness,justice,his administrative capabalities and his trademark Guriellawarfare.

    I visited Raigad a few years back stayed there overnight.It was a overwhelming feeling.I felt like I am a part of that history,I broke down and cried.I don’t know why.I really have very high respect for him and it makes me proud to be a maharashtrian.What I learnt from LSM was,when a mother sows the seed to dream big in her child and nuture him accordingly A Shivaji is created.

    Secondly I learnt, when I have to retreat for some good(valid) reasons,I shouldn’t feel ashamed of myself nor should I feel defeated or worthless,instead take time,prepare and stand Taller.

    I have appointed him as my invisible counseller.loving you so much-


  • LSM Readers

    Hi Naren hw r u after a long time back i am in touch with u . You have changed me lot and everything i do is now with confidence as if any type of work i do whether is it first time i am doing as if i done several times .

    Naren from shivaji’ story many things we learn ,

    first of all at the age of 15 his thinking was so high, he was courageous he had goal that was not so easy. He gained confidence of everbody, his planning was superb and balanced means not only conquering forts but to keep everything in control and guiding his administrators .
    At the bad time also he did not loose his confidence , he never had intention of revenge but always was fixed with his goals, he studied his mistakes he had done in past and took necessary action on it, one thing meaningfully he did that he accepted defeat to save his own men .

    Sachin Bhandari

  • LSM Readers

    Dear naren,
    thank you for very inspiring message, this shivaji
    message taught me to bounce back for every fall, utilise your
    potential, with systematic plan i will expand much more and reflect
    every lesson i get in life.
    how to make day productive, your last month message
    had given me very great experiance, every day i am doing list, i am
    getting much more focus and clearity what to do, what is important, my
    do things list stress is reduced. every day i am doing meaningful
    activities and enjoying every moment in business and family. and now
    with productive days and inspiration from you i am expanding my
    business, as you said in sunday morning about beginning and coming out
    of comfort zones.
    Love you so much
    Rakesh Sarda

  • Robin

    This is a good post ! I really like it…..

  • LSM Readers

    new learning-
    1. I will be a self guider to myself in right direction when there is no guidance to me an courageous.
    2. this is a courageous article for me .
    3. yes it did touched me deep within.
    4. yes it has transformed to me think strongly n courageously during bad times .

    Swapnil Gangurde

  • LSM Readers

    Derest Naren,

    You mentioned about this in one of the life lessons/masterminds…but it did not create the impact it has created NOW while reading this.
    I learnt..

    1.) If I am ambitious and want to grow at a much faster pace, I may face obstacles and may fail

    2.) On failure, I will assess the reasons for failure, make a plan to overcome the gaps and implement the plan.
    I have to analyze where I felt short of strategy, skills, efforts, timing..etc

    3.) With the gaps closed, next time, I am sure to bounce back for success.

    Loving you so much
    Viraj Shah

  • LSM Readers

    Very dear Naren
    The article on Shivaji informs us ” tough times r part of life ” Courage is
    Carefully crafting the way out, unmind ful of what others think.While one crafts his way he has to be careful about what he does. Should not repeat the same mistake. Yes one has to take calculated risk also as Shivaji did while escaping from prision.
    Introspction is one thing one has to realy do on a regular basis. It helps in course correction.
    Thanx for the lovely mail. Keep writing

    SK Naik

  • LSM Readers

    . I learn a Sense of commitment & conventions when shivaji took oath
    in temple with his few friends (he took initiative didn’t thought of
    his resource).
    2. Shivaji’s actions & results made people believe in Swarajya
    My actions & results create trust & help me to make my vision
    as Shared vision.

    3. I must learn from my prior mistakes.
    4. In my tough times I will remember Shivaji’s efforts & give my best.

    As I am writing my learning, I am taking initiative to reply




  • LSM Readers

    Dearest naren, for me shivaji is the most appropriate subject matter example in each subjectplus topics, be it face the fear , or selfbelief or teamwork in ecosystem, or courage, or cdse,or any other. He is the unending source of energy like the sun to whomsoever interested. I am also selfish to grab inspiration from him whenever in need.

    Satish joshi

  • LSM Readers

    Hello Naren,

    Very Inspiring. The endurance of life in adverse situations and the belief of a single human being to refine himself and the lives of others. The process of learning and correcting the mistakes which life throws at you.


  • LSM Readers








  • Toofan Kushal

    never ever in your life bow down to failure..see each failure as an opportunity to learn something new and go ahead with a winning stride.. ultimately victory will come to u…

  • MysteryMan

    yes naren as i read i learn
    quite an eye opener

  • Omkar Sampgaonkar

    Probably, the tallest leader of men and an inspiration for a host of leaders that sprang up in the deccan ;from Bajirao to Tilak and Savarkar.A true leader.Why? Cos he had the four most important qualitieS any leader should possess:
    1. VISION- A goal that keeps on motivating and inspiring you to work and achieve it.
    2. COURAGE-Not just physical,but the mental courage to take difficult decisions in the face of
    adversity and against all odds.
    3. CHARACTER-To pursue your goals despite all odds and without losing faith and your values.
    -To stay grounded.”With great Power comes great Responsibility.”
    4. COMMUNICATE-The ability to be able to share his vision, influence his people,to inspire them,
    to guide them and to lead them out of tyranny and to FREEDOM.

    Was Shivaji a born leader?Maybe,but you cannot imagine a SHIVAJI without the influence of his mother and his teachers.

  • Priti

    The beginning lies in THE END When ever something comes to an end a new beginning begins.

  • ramnath

    Dear Naren

    getting no words to say what I felt,I came to know about Lifeschool just today, i should have come to know about you and your great job earlier,anyway as it is said better late than never atleast today i found the gem of a thought which certainly has changed my thoughts .heard you are coming to Belgaum on 4th of feb 2013,just waiting for that day thank you