Life School Message (LSM)

The most brutal part of my life – Narendra Goidani

The most brutal part of my life was when I had to quit studies, take up a job and fend for the family. I had no time for friends (more honestly, I had no friends), there was never enough money and relaxing was a sarcastic word.

The magic of ‘Tell me’ – Narendra Goidani

Tell me' is the most powerful way to open a conversation. Professional negotiators use those words to build trust-- the foundation of any successful negotiation. 'Tell me' is the key to learning the other person's perspective. It's the ultimate ice-breaker and rapport builder.

A hilarious take on the way we USE our TIME and MONEY

The way we use our money and time today determines our tomorrow! Be wise and not otherwise.

THREE simple yet POWERFUL ways to HEAL yourself

THREE simple yet POWERFUL ways to HEAL!. ‘Healing’ means to let go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t impact us positively. The goal is to neutralize the story from the past so it loses its power over us. It becomes transparent, with meaning, but no negative effect.

You are NEEDED big time in the world – Narendra Goidani

Have you ever found someone brings up their painful past again and again in a conversation? It’s the broken record that creaks over and over and all the apologies in the world never seem to make it go away.

Training Calendar

Let’s Explore – Batch 133
Starting from 1st Dec 2020
Time: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Eligibility: 18+ years

Starting from 19th Nov 2020
Eligibility – 4th to 8th Std. students

Dancing With Tigers (DWT) – Batch 32
Starting from 24th Nov 2020
Eligibility: 9th to 12th standard students