Life School Message (LSM)

A Practical guide to be a HERO

Joseph Campbell's THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, may turn out to be the most influential book for 1000s of heroes. It has influenced mine. After reading this book, I realised, ‘There is nothing great about being great. It is simple and I MUST live a great life.’

We did not chose this ‘battle’

"There are some experiences that take our breath away. This is one of them. There are some experiences that make you believe in 'love'. This is one of them. There are some experiences where you want to ask, why god why? This is one of them."

I want to speak with my son, ALONE

Dearest Darling Friends, I had to go to play a concert in Bombay about 15 days back and I always told him where I was playing or travelling too...because he always wanted to know how our lives were shaping up and what's going on!

Have you been ‘touched’?

Dearest Darling Friends, I have received this amazing letter from one of the purest souls I know. I am sure, you will feel light and peaceful having read it. I did. I have edited it to ensure I share what is relevant to you.

Are you sleeping?

Dearest Darling Friends, Are we sleeping? Are we living at our ‘best’? With decent effort, we can become decent at anything. With great effort, we can become great at anything. With no effort, we can become good at nothing. With world class effort, we can become….

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