What shrinks your ‘Doubling time’?

Last week, one of my professors from WIMWI (a well known institute of management in western india, the alias used for IIM-A in case studies!) was in Pune. Professor Sunil Handa obliged us by coming to Pune and addressing a group of 900+ people on his views about education and entrepreneurship.
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What’s the level of your ‘Emotional Reservoir’?

I love playing video games! The neat thing about them are the various the dashboards, control panels and indicators you get. How many lives I have l left, how much ‘nitro boost’ I have, total points accumulated, current level and ranking, what weapons are available in my arsenal, gold coins, and so on.
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The ‘uncertainty’ drive.

After completing the Lifeschool triathlon successfully in April this year, I had moved into somewhat of a lull. Those 6 months of training were intense. We were team of 74 people. The stakes were high. Our reputation and our ability to lead were in question.
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Let’s Explore – Batch 130
Starting from 30 June 2020
Time: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Eligibility: 18+ years