Business Excellence Revolution Insights (BERI)

BERI is one of the Life School’s Business Leadership Training Programs that every ambitious businessman SHOULD attend. It’s unique of all the Business Transformation and Operational Excellence programs. This training helps in Business Development in very practical ways. It’s a Business Leadership Training program that covers all aspects of business for achieving Business Excellence.

Whether you are launching a start-up, searching for a new business strategy training & development or you are an established business house, learning and innovating is the key to your company’s success. Business Excellence training is required to convert valuable ideas into marketable products or services. BERI is the most amazing Business Leadership training program that focusses on achieving Business Excellence.

BERI is designed to deliver the strategic insights that you need for Business Development and achieving Business Excellence..

  • Eligibility

    Ambitious Businessmen, Professionals
    Team Leaders, Department Heads

  • Schedule

    13 Mar to 18 Dec 2020

  • Venue

    Life School Office, Pune

At Life School, we understand that GREAT business leaders never stop growing.

BERI is fantastic in developing Leadership Training skills for your organization. This course is supported by practical Business Insights through case studies and Business transformation stories.


If you are


                  Looking for Leadership Training Program
                  Searching for Business Insights and Business Development
                  Excited about Business Transformation and operational excellence
                  Thrilled when you achieve Business Excellence
                  Seeking answers to business questions that involve business strategies

          then this training program is for YOU.BE_Ico2


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