What’s Your Excuse?

What’s your X’cuse?

Have you heard about these words – “ Hedonistic Adaptation”?

Well, in over simplified terms, it’s a phenomenon in which people want ‘more’ to maintain their happiness levels. We equate acquisition with satisfaction.

I remember the “Ahaa……” feeling I got when I looked at my new designer home !!! I thought this feeling will last a life time. Ironically, it quickly faded away. To be happy I wanted ‘more’.

I guess all of us have gone through similar experiences. It’s true for our marriage day, the birth of our child, holidays, new phone, new car, new furniture, new clothes, new shoes, etc. So, in order to recapture the “Ahaa…..” feeling, we feel the need for ‘more’. The cycle is addictive. We are never satisfied. We can’t be. That’s how we are made.

Real lasting happiness comes NOT by having ‘more’ but by giving. Want to feel good about yourself? Go and help someone. Give something truly and deeply worthwhile. Knowing you have made a genuine difference in someone’s life is an “Ahaa…..” that lasts for a long long time.


Want to feel good about yourself in another way? Go and help YOURSELF. Knowing you have genuinely done something worthwhile to yourself, lifts you and makes you feel that “Ahaa……” again. You are not having ‘more’. You are being ‘more’.

This is also a cycle that’s addictive. But this time, it’s addictive in a beautiful way.

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At the risk of transforming your life, continue to read…

Some accounts say, three ships were nearby when the historic Titanic sunk.

One of them was known as the Sampson. It was 7 miles away from the Titanic. They saw the white flares signaling danger. The crew had been hunting seals illegally and didn’t want to be caught. They insensitively turned and went the opposite direction, away from the Titanic. This ship represents us and people like us, so busy living a selfish life that we can’t recognize when someone else is in need. These people party loud even when students are studying. These people hustle, dangerously pushing older people and even children out of their way. These people are insensitive. They just don’t care.

The next ship was the Californian. This ship was only 14 miles away from the Titanic and they were surrounded by ice fields. The captain looked out and saw the white flares. Because the conditions weren’t favorable and it was dark, he decided to go back to bed and wait until morning. The crew convinced themselves that nothing critical was happening. This ship represents those of us who say I can’t do anything just ‘now’. The conditions aren’t right for it and so let me wait until conditions are perfect before going out. They do give sympathy, make cosmetic gestures and might even pray for you, but they hesitate from owning up responsibility.

The last ship was the Carpathia. This ship was actually headed in a southern direction 58 miles away from the Titanic when they heard the distress cries over the radio. The captain of this ship, turned the ship around and went full steam ahead through the ice fields. Though the highest speed was supposed to be 14 knots in ideal waters, the captain drove his ship in the icy fields at 17.5 knots per hour. This was the ship that saved the 705 survivors of the Titanic.

This ship represents those who have a fantastic sense of responsibility inspite of difficulties, they move ahead full steam without hesitation and without holding back. This ship represents people who make things happen. This ship represents people who create revolutions. This ship represents people we would love to have around us. Am I right?

This ship represents people who believe in action and NEVER in excuses.

When the captain of Carpathia looked back at the ice fields they had come through, he said, “Someone else’s hands must have been at the helm of this ship!” Awesome humility isn’t it? And it’s not just humility in action. It’s a brilliant combination of Ambition, Humility, Adroitness (resourceful and ingenious) and Arcadianly (innocent contentment). Here we see an amazing level of leadership called, “The 6th level of leadership”.

Sampson. Californian. Carpathia. Which ship are you in? We pray, you are in Carpathia? Otherwise, we have a question for you. What’s your excuse?

By the way, the qualities of the 6th level of leadership combine to form the acronym “AHAA”. These certainly form a ‘Ahaa’ life. Can this be a co-incidence?

If you want to live your life as the ship Carpathia and if the idea of 6th level of leadership inspires you, our one-day program “What’s your excuse?” will certainly be of great help to YOU.

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