Dancing With Tigers


For every aspiring youth who would like to fill himself with self belief, Dancing with Tigers is a Mentoring Program that will help them discover themselves and unleash their potential by learning how to create Winning Habits and an ‘I Can’ approach to life.

  • Eligibility

    Std, IX, StdX, StdXI, StdXII

  • Dates

    Coming Soon

  • Venue

    Life School Office

The year long program focuses on the following four cornerstones:

Excellent Communication skills

 Not just good grammar and vocabulary, but my ability to communicate effectively, 

                    clearly and keeping in mind the other person’s needs and expectations.

Meaningful Relationships

 Not just how many people I know, but what matters is how deep are my relationships. 

                     How do I handle the closest relationships in my life?


Winning Habit

   Understanding the science and psychology of habit formation.

                      How would my life be if my habits were my CHOICE?

Emotional Mastery

  Do I have the ability to bounce back after a defeat, a failure, a loss, or after facing rejection?

                      How quickly do I bounce back?

                      The course is conducted by alumni of London School of Economics. 

                      Our values are powered by the vision of Life School.


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