Our Signature Programme – Lets Explore


‘Inspire or Expire’ …. This is the challenge this course gives to you. Empowering beliefs like this, makes life powerful and full of zest. Let’s Explore is a course for those who want to be masters of their life.

How is the course conducted? 

‘Let’s Explore’ is a 14 session training course. It is conducted twice a week for 7 weeks. Punctuality is a must. Attendance is a must.

The sessions are intended for life altering learning in an atmosphere of fun. The sessions have superb interactions sprinkled with solid contemplations. Time tested tools are used that provoke healthy dialogues and helps see things in a new light.

The whole course is born out of love to inspire and is inspired by love.

Top 10 areas you develop when you do LET’S EXPLORE


Critical thinking




Engaged learning


Greater self belief


Making connections


Taking on challenges


Focus and self control


Resolve inner conflicts


Understanding perspectives


Goal setting, planning and monitoring


search-img01If you want the above questions (and many more like them) to be  the facts of your life,the right  course for you is ‘Lets Explore’

  • Batch


  • Eligibility

    18 +

  • Schedule Dates

    25  May to 9 July

  • Venue


The sessions are born out of love to inspire and are inspired by love. The sessions are celebratory, down-to-earth, humorous, and profound. The sessions develop personality, touch your soul, cultivates the heart, fuel passion-leading to personal transformation. You will have experiences of Ego Dissolving and a resonance with overwhelming Gratitude. The unnatural heaviness of Unspoken and Unexplored living will be dispersed through insights and revelations. It will be replaced by determination, joy, celebrations and freedom. If this is what you are looking for, “Lets Explore” is the right course for YOU.


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