Made for each other – Master Class for a ‘Great Marriage’.


Dearest Darling,

In true love, actions are never like depositing soiled diapers into a bin or pail.

It is always like offering flowers to the almighty.

The flowers may never be taken.  Nonetheless, you feel happier.

We are all broken somewhere. This wonderful relationship of love and marriage makes two broken pieces complete through acceptance, consistent support and LOVE.

Someone wrote somewhere, “Broken pieces of people is not all that bad. A key is broken in all the right places to fit a certain lock. When that key is placed in that lock, there is a quiet click”.

When we meet a person who is broken in the right places to accommodate our broken pieces, there is a click. Make that click happen.

May you hear it soon and hear it often.

Love needs more than just physical comfort and intimacy.  It needs creativity and hard work.

It’s strange – in a marriage when one person begins to change, the other, almost as if an automated response, begins to change too.

To get the BEST out of your marriage, answer the following questions.

1. How to understand each other?

2. How to deal with EGO in a marriage?

3. What are a few best ways to love your spouse?

4. How to communicate and express effectively?

5. What are the thumb rules ‘happy couples’ share?

6. How to get the best of SEX and intimacy in marriage?

7. How to deal with differences of expectations in marriage?

8. Do we understand the inner turmoil that rages within them?|

9. How to deal with distractions in marriage?

10. How to understand each other and live a life of eternal romance?

“Made for Each Other” Master Class

This master class will contain incidents, insights, observations, real life examples that will help you in ‘making that click’ happen.

– This program with its contents will guide, educate, inspire, and excite you.
– It will help you in improving your marriage.
– It will help you to make your marriage an inspiration for others.

Waiting to see you in this delightful program.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts, Change your life.


Training Calendar

Let’s Explore – Batch 133
Starting from 1st Dec 2020
Time: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Eligibility: 18+ years

Starting from 19th Nov 2020
Eligibility – 4th to 8th Std. students

Dancing With Tigers (DWT) – Batch 32
Starting from 24th Nov 2020
Eligibility: 9th to 12th standard students