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Let’s Explore Business Excellence Leadership Development DWT Dabang Yogi

I got to know about DWT from my cousin sister and wasn’t really sure to do it or not. But after meeting Adi for the first time my view started to change. The energy he had and the way I was able to connect with him was amazing.
I was very nervous before we left for the boot camp, plus I had no gadgets with me. But all of it disappeared after we reached the camp! At the end of the first day I knew that this is one of the best decisions that I have ever taken and these 4 days are going to be some of the best days in my life.
Adi gave us lovely tips and insights that changed the way I saw everything. During the 4 day he made me push myself for which I was really mad at him, but after I was able to successfully complete them I felt wonderful.
I felt like a different version of me had come out, one that I loved. I look forward to every single Huddle session. I love listening to what DWT has to say. Every huddle changes the way I look at one aspect of my life.
I can say for sure that DWT is a must for every youth!

Daksh Kanoria