The Multi Storied Building


Parenting a child is like constructing a multi-storied building. When I am careless in making the foundation I can cover it up by filling the pit. When I am careless in the construction of the first few floors, it will not show up then and there.

But as the building rises beyond the initial floors, the slight bend in the lower floors will be revealed and it will be for everyone to see that the building is tilted. As the building goes through a little pressure, the inherent weakness in the foundation will be revealed in cracks and the building might collapse. If the foundation is weak, there is no way the structure can hold strong and steady.

If you were staying in this building that is tilted and has cracks all over, how comfortable would you feel? Will you be able to sleep with peace of mind ever? Will you not feel insecure even if the builders claim that nothing untoward is going to happen? Will you want to believe claims that with time, things will become ok?

When it comes to a constructed building we understand the importance of a strong foundation. We also understand care has to be taken in every phase of construction. Isn’t it the same with human lives too?

All of us know the importance of a strong foundation in our lives. To a large extant we are shaped in our childhood. In a way beyond what I realize, I leave my impact on the future of a child. When I give them a strong foundation, tomorrow they will face the world adequately. Otherwise, they are stranded on the highway of life; bewildered, insecure, the animal in them more pronounced than the human; fiercely fighting or mutedly hoping for survival.

But things can be rectified later on also, isn’t it? Oh yes, they can be rectified later on also. But visualize the efforts required to straighten a bent building. Visualize the efforts of making that building strong which has a weak foundation. It may be possible but who would like to take up the task? And why should I expect anybody else to rectify my mistakes in the first place?

With a little extra care and understanding the next generation can be created as masterpieces. Or, should I say, we playing our part as great parents, will reveal the masterpiece in them to the world.

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