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Parenting Unplugged 2018

WOWParenting is back with its yearly parenting workshop in Pune on 7th Oct 2018!

Hurry Up! Only Limited Seats Available.


Do not miss out on this workshop if you wish to make your child Strong, Happy and Successful. What will you gain out of it? You will learn how to Prepare your child to:

– S olve

– A dapt

– L earn

– T riumph

over life’s challenges.

This SALT will make their life SWEET.

 – “Lets prepare our children to adapt to anything, to learn anything, to solve anything, to face anything.”

 – “One of the most important things we do our children is to present them with a version of adult life that is appealing and worth striving for.”

 – “Success is based on action. The more you learn, the more you are open to ideas, the more you get to act. successful people step forward to create opportunities. So do successful parents.”

Jijamata, the admirable mother of Shivaji always used to remind Shivaji, “You must be fair and forceful. YOU ARE MEANT TO RULE.” (NOT TO BE RULED). This made a huge difference and impact on the life of Shivaji.

Until we SEE and BELIEVE IN THE GREATNESS OF OUR CHILDREN, ALL TECHNIQUES OF PARENTING WILL FAIL. The clump of coal that has a diamond hidden within is ugly to look at. It needs an expert to identify the presence of a wonderful diamond inside and bring it out. We, the Parents have a lovely responsibility to see the diamond within our children, that is the most fulfilling journey of life. Let’s enjoy this journey together.

In time let’s unearth the potentials of the child and experience an amazing fulfillment in the process…

We will answer the Why’s, the How’s, the When’s, the Which’s, the Wheres and the Who’s of Parenting. If you have a question, do mail us at We will be glad to share our answer with one and all…

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One day training workshop for Parents, Grandparents & Teachers.

This workshop is customized for anyone who can IMPACT a child’s life.

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Let’s Make Parenting Right by starting this beautiful journey called “Wow Parenting”.

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Starting from 30 June 2020
Time: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Eligibility: 18+ years